As Lunar New Year approaches, the vibrant celebrations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea take center stage, showcasing unique traditions that resonate with rich cultural heritage. While distance may separate us, there’s a meaningful way to be part of these festivities — sending heartfelt wishes through specially curated greeting cards on the OTT Remit app. 


How to Send a Digital Greeting Card

OTT Remit not only facilitates secure money transfers but also provides an opportunity to share the joy of Lunar New Year with your loved ones through specially crafted greeting cards.  

  1. Choose a card design on the OTT Remit app and  
  2. Send it to your loved ones via email, Facebook or your favorite messaging app 

Download the OTT Remit App to get started  

Despite the distance, digital greetings serve as a bridge connecting hearts, allowing you to be part of Lunar New Year celebrations across Asia. May your digital greetings bring joy, prosperity and create cherished moments for you and your loved ones. Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧✨ 


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