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With our rewards program, every interaction becomes an opportunity to earn and unlock incredible rewards.

Earn Points for Rewards

With OTT Remit, earning points is as easy as sending money through the app.
Every time you use OTT Remit, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Start collecting points every time you use the app:

Turn your points into rewards by redeeming them for perks and discounts:

Discover more ways to earn points and unlock rewards in the OTT Remit app

Choose Your Rewards

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Share the love and earn rewards!
Refer a friend to OTT Remit and you’ll both receive 3,000 points to put towards a variety of rewards and fee-free transactions

Find your unique referral code on your accounts page in the OTT Remit app.

Share the referral code with your friends and encourage them to sign up for OTT Remit using your referral code.

Once they’ve signed up and completed their first money transfer, you and your friend will both receive 3000 points.

Referral Program

Earn money and help others get more out of their remittance experience by recommending OTT Remit. Don’t wait – join our referral program today and start making a difference for yourself and your loved ones!

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