OTT Remit, an international remittance services provider, and LBC, the leading cargo and courier service in Canada, have entered a new partnership that’s making Filipinos living and working abroad feel closer to loved ones back home.

OTT Remit’s new money transfer solution offers rewards redeemable for courier services with LBC Canada. The partnership makes it easy for people to provide financial support, send gifts, and maintain strong connections with family and friends abroad.

A rewards programs that connects people

Sending money internationally to support friends and family is an act of love. When those remittances earn valuable points to spend on new purchases, the transfer becomes its own reward.

For the Filipino diaspora, the tradition of putting together and sending special care packages, called balikbayan boxes, at holidays or any time of year, helps people feel closer to parents, children, and siblings. The partnership between OTT Remit and LBC now makes it easier and cost-effective to send gifts of love when senders feel the need to connect and when relatives need them most.

"We couldn't imagine a better and more fitting rewards partner than LBC. Our companies are both committed to making it faster and more convenient to bridge relationships – whether through international money transfers or care packages. We look forward to introducing OTT Remit to the Filipino community and helping them maintain those essential ties to home."

"We're excited to launch this new rewards partnership with OTT Remit. We love helping people maintain quick and reliable connections with their families abroad. OTT and LBC working together is going to support that objective even more."

Earn rewards by providing financial support 

After downloading OTT Remit, senders earn points every time they transfer money. Points can then be used to redeem rewards, including e-discount cards to use for sea or air cargo services through LBC. Senders can claim a $10 e-discount card after earning 1900 points and a $20 e-discount card with 3700 points. OTT Remit offers a more rewarding way to send money. 

About LBC Express

LBC is the leading retail and corporate courier, cargo, and logistics services provider in the Philippines. Founded in 1945, LBC operates a global network with 6400 branches and hubs worldwide in 30 countries. Listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange as LBC Express Holdings, Inc., and specializing in 24-hour door to door delivery, LBC is the most highly trusted logistics company of Filipinos around the world. To learn more about LBC, visit


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