OTT Remit, an international remittance service provider, announced its partnership with the Filipino-Canadian Dental Hygienists Society (TFCDHS) in supporting their mission to make meaningful differences in the lives of the Filipino community.


Communities working together for a brighter future

OTT Remit is excited to support the Filipino community through this new partnership and is committed to enabling individuals to support their families and communities by improving access to dental healthcare and alleviating financial burdens where possible. 

TFCHDS and OTT Remit share the same goal of serving the Filipino community. We believe that by working together, we can support the valuable community work that TFCDHS performs, such as providing oral health services, assessments and education for vulnerable and marginalized communities. 

“OTT Remit's support to the Filipino-Canadian Dental Hygienists Society is a great example of how communities can work together to make positive changes. We are humbled to be a part of different communities - working together to create a better future.”

“We're grateful for the support of OTT Remit and their belief in our mission to make a positive impact in the community, Working together with companies like OTT Remit is a noble example of how we can all come together to create a better future for everyone.”


Earn rewards while helping others

 OTT Remit provides a simple, secure solution for Filipinos to send money to loved ones back home. We’re the only remittance company that allows you to earn points towards fee-free transactions and redeem rewards. And we’re also excited to announce that with every successful transaction using OTT Remit to send money, $3 will be donated to the Filipino-Canadian Dental Hygienist Society, further demonstrating how the partnership between OTT Remit and TFCDHS helps our community access dental care and provides financial support to those who need it most.

About the Filipino-Canadian Dental Hygienist Society

The vision of TFCDHS is to establish a community built on trust, unity, and confidence by providing oral assessments, oral cancer screenings, and dental hygiene services to vulnerable communities in and around the Greater Toronto Area. TFCDHS members also volunteer their time to offer free oral health education at community events and can provide referrals to low-cost dental facilities in the GTA. To learn more about TFCDHS visit .


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